1 in 3 Consumers Plan On-Premise Halloween Visits

On-premise is doing well, CGA reports in its lates Consumer On-Premise Impact Report.  Seven in 10 consumers have visited restaurants or bars for food-led occasions in the past two weeks, and two in five have done so for drink-led occasions.  

The frequnecy of visits remains consistent at about once a month, and seven in 10 say they plan to eat out within the next two weeks while 44% say they plan to visit on-premise venues for drinks-led occasions.  Beer and cocktails remain the most consumed alcoholic beverages on premise, CGA finds.  

Depsite the soaring cost of living, two in five consumers say there has been no change in their on-premise visits over the past three months, and about a third say they have actually stepped up the pace of their visits.

CGA's survey finds one-in-three plan to visit bars or restaurants to celebrate Halloween.  Beer will be the most popular beverage, followed by vodka and whiskey.  Consumers are most likely to visit On Premise during happy hour, early evening or or late evening.  

Matthew Crompton, CGA Regional Director – North America, said “Nearly a third of US consumers visited the On Premise to celebrate Oktoberfest, so it’s no surprise to see a significant percentage are also planning to visit bars and restaurants for Halloween with consumers continuing to prioritize the channel for social and special occasions.

"Across these types of events, it’s fundamental to understand the channels consumers will frequent – with restaurants proving popular for Oktoberfest, while in contrast for Halloween consumers are planning to visit nightclubs and neighborhood bars. For suppliers, identifying where the opportunities lie for their brands and categories within these channels has never been more important.”