3 Badge Beverage Launches Kirk & Sweeney Barrel Program

3 Badge Beverage Corp. launched its Kirk & Sweeney Gran Reserva Superior Rum barrel program. This program offers a special opportunity for trade buyers to taste Kirk and Sweeney Gran Reserva Superior Rum samples finished in a variety of cask influences, including, but not limited to bourbon, sauternes and sherry barrels. Trade accounts can then select a custom barrel-finished product exclusively tailored for their customers.

“We are thrilled to launch this barrel program for Kirk and Sweeney, considering it is our largest global brand,” said August Sebastiani, president. “This program reflects the adventurous spirit of this label, as well as our commitment to keeping up with demand, all while still offering the ultra-premium, handcrafted Dominican rum our clients and consumers have come to expect.”

Each bottle will feature a limited-edition gold neck made of sleek metal that prominently displays “Single Barrel” for differentiation from the existing Gran Reserva Superior offering. A custom-printed tag that includes the barrel type, finish time, bottle number, and account name is also included with each purchased bottle. Additionally, each account will receive the barrel head from the barrel selection. Barrels will be offered on limited availability.

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