37% of Oregon Alc Deliveries Didn't Comply with Checking IDs of Minors

Some 37% of the 106 home deliveries of alcohol monitored by the Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission didn't comply with ID checking requirement, including 2% in which alcohol was left without any contact, the Commission said in a just-released report.  It noted that "a large percentage of non-compliance was related to use of
scanners or digital photos of IDs uploaded during online ordering; these are tools intended to support age
checking, but do not replace the need to check a physical ID."

Among 21-23 year olds, 46% didn't have their IDs checked, the study found.  One problem, it said, that vendors don't have consistent practices to ensure compliance.  Non-compliance was observed more often in high delivery areas such as suburban metro and college towns, the study found.

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