Adobe Road Winery Owner Celebrates Rolex 24 Win 20 Years Ago

Kevin Buckler, who is the CEO of Adobe Road Winery in California, is also the founder and CEO of The Racing Group, one of the most successful GT racing teams in North America. Twenty years ago, Buckler and his co-drivers won the 2003 Rolex 24 at Daytona in a baby blue Porsche 911.

From Jan 26-29, Buckler's racing team and winery are celebrating that feat with a reunion at this year's Rolex 24.  The Racing Group has exclusively rented the Boardwalk Club on Lake Lloyd, in the infield of Daytona Speedway.  Guests will enjoy concierge service, catering, and entertainment throughout the Daytona 24 weekend from the Thursday night practice to the exciting conclusion on Sunday. Tickets are $1,950 per person and can be purchased through the Racing Group's website.  

Adobe Road Winery is releasing 66, the first white wine in "The Racing Series< a collection of California in packaging connoting the thrill of racing. The wine is named in honor of the winning 2003 Porsche.

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