Amber Beverage Group to launch a new party brand

Amber Beverage Group, is launching BLACK 1752 in the USA in March 2023. BLACK 1752 is a blend of herbal infusions, dark Caribbean rum, orange, and vanilla notes, laced with a mix of spices. This unique drink was launched in Europe last fall.

BLACK 1752 is being distributed in the USA by Espiritus Group and would-be stockists should contact the sales team at Initially it will be available in seven states: California, Washington, Louisiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Georgia. It is viewed as both an on-premise and off-premise item.

The product derives from one of the oldest herbal bitters brands in the world, Riga Black Balsam, an original drink which is made in Riga, Latvia, part of the European Union. The name was created from two of the attributes of this historic product: ‘BLACK’ representing the style of the liquid, which is dark in colour, and the date ‘1752’ which is the year when the original Riga Black Balsam brand was launched. Happily, 17:52 is also the time of day when people might be preparing for the cocktail hour and this drink is a ‘party’ brand so is perfect for that time of day.

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