Bacardi Launches Citrus Forward Expression

Bacardi Reserva Ocho Sevillian Orange Cask Finish is the third of Bacardi's limited-edition cask finish series which will see Bacardi unveil a new cask finish offering annually through 2025.

"The third installment in our popular Cask Series, Sevillian Orange continues our brand legacy of producing premium rums that match consumer tastes. This exceptional expression harmoniously blends our finest aged rums with the essence of Vino de Naranja from Spain, delivering a delightful burst of flavor," said Lisa Pfenning, Vice President, Bacardi for North America. "Inspired by tradition, yet infused with innovation, the Sevillian Orange Cask Finish is destined to captivate the palates of both rum connoisseurs and dark spirit aficionados alike. As the world's most awarded rum, we're excited to add a new and deeply flavorful expression to our vast premium portfolio."

According to the Bacardi Global Ambassador survey, one in three bartenders feel rum will continue to become more premium – priming the space for the Sevillian Orange Cask Finish launch and the future of fine rum.

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