Baladi to Hand President/CEO of Beam Suntory to Greg Hughes

Beam Suntory President & CEO Albert Baladi said he will transition CEO responsibilities effective Oct. 1 to Greg Hughes, currently the company’s Senior Vice President/Chief Growth & Brands Officer. Under this succession plan, Baladi will serve as CEO Advisor through year-end and will be engaged as Senior Advisor for the company throughout 2024.

Baladi has served on the executive leadership team of Beam Suntory for 12 years, including the past five years as President & CEO. Since he stepped into the CEO role in 2019, Beam Suntory’s annual sales have grown at high single digits to more than $5 billion. In addition, the company has significantly accelerated its premiumization trajectory, with premium brands becoming the majority of its sales.

“It’s with an optimistic eye toward the future and extreme pride for all that has been accomplished that I have made the personal decision to step down and make way for the next leader,” said Baladi.

“This is a decision I have been contemplating for some time with my family, and given the strength of the company, clear growth strategy in place for the future and the right team in place, now is the right time to hand the reins over to my successor, Greg Hughes, and his exceptional leadership. I am very proud of what we have built these past 12 years and am grateful for the opportunity to lead Beam Suntory as President & CEO during a five-year period of massive transformation for our company.”

Tak Niinami, President & CEO of Suntory Holdings, praised Baladi's leadership, saying "Beam Suntory has delivered exemplary business performance, accelerated premiumization, and become a stronger organization. We couldn’t be more thankful for his leadership and impact on the brands and culture of Beam Suntory.”

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