Beckmann Gonzalez and Boisset Families Fuse Decades of Expertise in Wine and Spirits to Launch Ultra-Premium Tequila Brand, Casa Obsidiana

The Beckmann Gonzalez family of Jalisco, Mexico, and the Boisset family of Burgundy and California, today announced the launch of Casa Obsidiana, a collection of ultra-premium tequilas uniting one vision from two families to create the world's most refined, exquisite tequila.

Casa Obsidiana honors the heritage of the Boissets and Beckmann Gonzalezes and their shared vision to pay tribute to modern Mexican art and culture as well as the history of tequila, in which the Beckmann family has been integral to the fabric and culture of for eight generations.

"We have always been inspired by the culture of tequila and of Mexico at large, from its ancient history to its modern art," says Jean-Charles Boisset, Proprietor of the Boisset Collection and Co-Founder of Casa Obsidiana. "We have known Jorge and Roberto and their family for more than two decades and have always dreamt to create a tequila that united their family with ours. They bring the founding history of tequila, while we represent the heritage of wine and barrel-finishing. Together, we bring a distinctive, passionate and spiritual energy to the world of tequila that is distinctly ours and represents tradition and modernity." 

"We are thrilled to partner with the Boisset team on a spirit that infuses old world values of tequila with new world, innovative finishing methods to produce a truly one-of-a-kind authentic tequila," says Roberto Beckmann, Co-Founder of Casa Obsidiana. "Our goal is to bring forth a tequila that embodies everything that a modern Mexico represents – art, culture, architecture, and a certain 'modo de vivir.' With the expertise of Francisco, Casa Obsidiana stands alone."

Casa Obsidiana is crafted at the base of the Volcán de Tequila from estate-grown, 100% Blue Weber agave from the Beckmann Gonzales family's estates that span multiple terroirs across thousands of acres. The agave originates from the same line of mother plants that spawned tequila over 300 years ago.

After the distillation process, the tequila is aged in the French Oak fine wine barrels that once held Boisset's Napa Valley Chardonnay – a process that imparts a nuanced flavor of smooth vanilla. Each Casa Obsidiana tequila utilizes the house's proprietary yeast strain, which has been cultivated for 45 years, to create a premium tequila that is meant to be sipped and savored.

"My life's work as an advocate for the art of authentic tequila making and the protection of its rich history and culture is embedded into Casa Obsidiana's tequilas," says Francisco Quijana, Master Tequilero at Casa Obsidiana. "I was excited to see the development of the tequila's tasting notes after being aged in wine barrels and found that the end result both honors the traditions of tequila making while shining a light on what modern day Mexico has to offer. It's also exciting to bring this to life beside partners both old and new."

The artistry of the handcrafted, abstract ceramic bottles is meant to mimic and represent the process and the elements that goes into making tequila, drawing inspiration from modern Mexican art. Casa Obsidiana also looks to enlighten the world on the soulful vibrancy and sensory richness of modern Mexico, a culture that values the creation of art, the meaning of symbology, and the importance of ritual. Casa Obsidiana pays tribute to the obsidian stone found in abundance nestled among the volcanic earth where its agave plants are grown and harvested, as it has been used in Mexican culture and rituals for thousands of years and is known to cleanse oneself of negative influences. The stone is dark in color to make space for light, passion, and positive intention within us. Casa Obsidiana is a tequila forged from the elements of Mexico that hopes to bring light and vibrancy to cherished moments.

Casa Obsidiana is now available online for tequila connoisseurs and collectors to purchase, and will soon launch in select retailers, restaurants, and cocktail lounges in California and Texas, as well as in additional markets in 2024.

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