Beer Institute Revises Marketing Code

Consumers should be able to tell at a glance whether a product is alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

That's the essence of a revision to the Beer Institute's Advertising and Marketing Code, which has just been updated to include this:

“Advertising and marketing materials for the alcohol variant of any non-alcohol product, including but not limited to packaging, should be readily distinguishable from the advertising and marketing materials of the non-alcohol product to not confuse consumers about the alcohol nature of the alcohol variant. Advertising and marketing materials, including but not limited to displays, signage, and sampling, should not feature both the non-alcohol product and the alcohol variant.”

"Brewers are committed to responsible self-regulation in advertising and marketing, and that includes ensuring consumers can easily distinguish between alcohol and non-alcohol variants of products," said Brian Crawford, president/CEO of the Beer Institute. "With this advertising code update, brewers are doing their part to ensure that advertising and marketing materials for these products are distinct in the marketplace. Updating the Beer Institute's Advertising and Marketing Code to accommodate the growing number of innovative products in the marketplace gives consumers the information they need to make informed choices and consume responsibly

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