Bien Nacido Marks 50th Anniversary, Opens Estate Tasting Room

Miller Family Wine Co. is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bien Nacido Vineyards by opening a new hospitality center, The Gatehouse at Bien Nacido.

Bien Nacido was planted by brothers Bob and Steve Miller in 1973, who set out to develop a vineyard that would be acknowledged as one of the highest quality vineyards in the world. They named it Bien Nacido, which means "well born" in Spanish, signifying the passion and commitment they shared in bringing this vineyard to life.

The Miller family, a multi-generational farming family and owners of the industry-leading Thornhill Cos. which includes the prestigious Bien Nacido and Solomon Hills Estates, Miller Family Wine Co. and Thornhill Ranches. Miller Family Wine Company manages national branded wine labels, including Butternut, J. Wilkes, optik, Ballard Lane, Smashberry, Barrel Burner, Volunteer, Hand on Heart and Reciprocity wines, in addition to control label brands for prominent retailers across the U.S. and the French Camp vineyard in Paso Robles.