Black Cordon Vineyard Sues Management Firm, Says It Ruined 2 Acres of Fruit

Black Cordon Vineyard LLC allege that Bazan Vineyard Management LLC sprayed two acres of Cabernet Sauvignon vines with sulphur during a heat spike when temperatures were as high as 103 degrees Fahrenheit.  The resulting sulphur burn caused more than $100,000 of damages.

Black Cordon hadn't been notified the vineyard would be sprayed with sulphur, the complaint alleges.  Some 2.4 tons of the 2021 harvest were lost, and Mario Bazan, owner of the management company, said he would compensate Black Cordon for the loss, either with his own money of through a claim to their insurance carrier, the complaint says.

The insurance carrier denied the claim in April 2023.  The complaint states various breach of contract claims, all of which boil down to not performing vineyard management services Bazan Vineyard Management promised.

The lawsuit was originally reported by Wine Business.