Blake's Hard Cider Acquires Austin Eastciders

Blake's Hard Cider, Armada, Mich., said it acquired Texas-based Austin Eastciders. Terms weren't disclosed. Avid Cider Co., which Blake's acquired last year, will also be incorporated in Blake's. The resulting company will be called Blake's Beverage Co.

"We don't want to change what makes these brands great, we are coming together to become the largest independent cider company in the US," said Andrew Blake, CEO and founder of Blake's Hard Cider. "While our passions and mission align, each brand offers consumers unique flavors, personalities, and complementary perspectives filtered through the lenses of their regions."

With operations spanning across New York, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas, Blake's Beverage will have significant scale covering all primary apple-growing regions of the U.S. This presence ensures a steady apple supply for all brands with a portfolio estimated to be close to two million cases in 2023.

Blake's Beverage Co. can now deliver a more complete portfolio of products with a variety of flavors across several price tiers meeting a wider selection of consumers where they shop and drink. 

"Our founders' vision 10 years ago was to be the #1 Cider in Texas and the #1 Craft Cider everywhere we choose to go," states John Glick, President and CEO of Austin Eastciders. "With this partnership, we believe we can fulfill our founders' mission to bring more cider to the masses." Glick will remain with the company in a leadership role through the transition.

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