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Wine expertise reshapes the brain: Sommeliers show altered neural activity when tasting wine

New research underscores how specialized training in wine tasting doesn’t just refine the palate — it reshapes the brain itself, enhancing the integration of taste, smell, and the linguistic prowess needed to articulate the complex sensory experiences of wine. (PsyPost)

Wine Forger Who Duped Hollywood Producers and California Billionaires Strikes Back

Rudy Kurniawan, subject of 'Sour Grapes' documentary, is out after a decade in federal prison and leaning into his 'outlaw celebrity' status to make big bucks in the wine business (Los Angeles Magazine)

Woody Harrelson on the Worst Wine, Biodynamic Burgundy and Holistic Spirits

The actor, activist and entrepreneur, who recently launched a gin and vodka brand, talks about wine, health and creativity (Wine Spectator)

My Goodness, My Guinness Insults My Intelligence

In a new commercial for the European market, the beer maker takes a crowd-pleasing swipe at Irish-Americans. (Wall Street Journal)

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