[BND] Your Breakfast Briefing --

Good Morning, and Happy Friday. It's March 15, 2024.

ABI Shares Drop 5.48% in Day After Altria Says It Will Sell $2 Billion of its Stake

Anheuser-Busch InBev shares fell 5.48% to $61.01 a share after Altria Group sold 35 million shares of ABI stock, or 17.8% of its holdings. The brewer also agreed to buy back 3.3 million ordinary shares from Altria.

The Case of the Disappearing Wine Blogger

Journalism's become a dangerous vocation. Evan Gerskovich of The Wall Street Journal remains detained in Russia after 11 months. Alsu Kurmasheva, of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, But a wine blogger? Really?

Colorado Bev/Al Bill Would Roll Back Clock on 8 Years of Sales Expansion

Beginning in 2016, some Colorado supermarkets were able to obtain "liquor-licensed drugstore" bev/al licenses, which allowed them to sell spirits, wine and beer. In 2019, Colorado eliminated

Jack Daniel's Launches Jack & Ginger Canned Cocktail

Jack Daniel’s introduces Jack & Ginger Ale, the newest
member of its ready-to-drink (RTD) Canned Cocktail lineup.

A Peanut-Butter Agave Spirit Debuts in NJ

Piermont Brands launches Chica~Chida Peanut Butter Agave Spirit. Distributed by Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, Chica-Chida is available for purchase in New Jersey and online

Dos Primos Tequila and Ducks Unlimited Announce Partnership

Ducks Unlimited (DU) and Dos Primos Tequila have entered into a partnership that designates the entire family of Dos Primos

Pursuit Spirits Releases Double Oaked Bourbon

Pursuit Spirits, the company founded by the creators of the "Bourbon Pursuit" podcast, said it will release Pursuit United Double Oaked Bourbon March 15. This limited release

Meadows Estate Vineyard Opens In Oregon

Meadows Estate Vineyard & Winery, a black-owned family legacy in the heart of Oregon's Umpqua Valley, opens its doors

Saugatuck Brewing Releases Blueberry Lemonade Shandy

Saugatuck Brewing Co., says it's already seen Michiganders in flip-flops and shorts. After all, it says, "a sunny 70-degree day in March is like dangling a piece of rum-soaked tropical fruit in front

Ron Mansfield, Shaped California Wine, Dies at 76

Ron Manfield is credited with putting El Dorado County on the map as a wine destination, and with being among the first to plant Gamay. His fruit was used by highly respected producers including Arnot-Roberts, Edmunds St. John, Jolie-Laide and Keplinger.

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