Boston Beer's 1st Tequila-Based RTD Shows Innovation Strategy

Boston Beer Co. launched Loma Vista Tequila Soda (5.5% ABV), a spirits-based, ready-to drink (RTD) beverage made from premium tequila blanco, real lime juice, carbonated water and natural flavors.

Debuting in 4pk/12oz cans in both lime and mango flavors, Loma Vista Tequila Soda will be introduced in Austin, Fort Collins, Kansas City and Wichita later this month. The product sits at the crux of two macro trends: the explosive growth of the RTD beverage segment, which is up 80% this year, and the rise in popularity of tequila, which holds the third-largest share of the spirits category. With the novelty of tequila-based RTDs, Loma Vista Tequila Soda offers Boston Beer an opportunity to stake its claim in the space.

Boston Beer aspires to be the most innovative consumer-oriented beverage company in the world. Its two-fold innovation strategy includes thoughtful expansion of existing product lines to meet consumer needs as well as purposeful development of new brands that capitalize on current and future industry trends. While some new products are launched nationally, others will be released in a limited number of markets to test and learn before being released to broader audiences.

"Our two-tiered approach to innovation allows us to be both 'big and small'," said Robert Vail, head of innovation. "Regional test-and-learns like Loma Vista enable us to jump on trends quickly while also giving us the space to gather direct consumer feedback and hone the brand before expanding.

"And when we introduce line extensions of larger brands, we also have the ability to activate our sales force and our wholesalers – both of which are the best in the industry – to scale up nationally. It's the best of both worlds."

Loma Vista Tequila Soda was inspired by the mind-soothing, body reinvigorating, deep purple and fiery orange sunsets that can be seen from the highest point on the multi-generational Yarborough family ranch in West Texas. This pristine peak, aptly named Loma Vista, is a place where gathering at dusk to revel in the view is not only a good idea, but a decades-old tradition. Steeped in natural beauty, it calls adventurers from all over to kick up their boots, let loose and rediscover their inner wild.

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