Cabrillo College Launches Wine Studies Degree

Cabrillo College, Apros, Calif., introduced its inaugural Wine Studies Associate in Science (A.S.) degree, officially approved in October. This milestone initiative underscores Cabrillo’s commitment to fostering educational pathways that are aligned with burgeoning industry demands.

Complementing the degree, the Wine Studies program now features two companion certifications: 

  • A Certificate of Achievement in Wine Studies, approved in fall 2022, offers a strong foundation for students seeking employment in the wine industry by successfully finishing 7 courses; 
  • A mirrored noncredit Global Wine Certificate of Completion. Noncredit courses and certificates are tuition-free, repeatable, pass/no pass offerings tailored for individuals aiming to enhance skills, increase employability, or simply pursue personal interests without earning college credit.

The program comprises 11 major courses including basic winemaking, wine grape viticulture, and world wines.

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