Cardinal Spirits Releases Nocino

The Bloomington, Ind., distillery will release the green walnut liqueur at 4 p.m. Friday (11/4).  Nocino is said to be one of the distillery's most popular products.  

There will only be 20-30 cases of nocino available, and due to the product's demand, Cardinal Spirits co-founder Adam Quirk doesn’t expect them to last long. There will be a limit of two bottles per customer while supplies last. Each bottle is 750 ml and costs $40.

Cardinal Spirits, which opened in 2015, hand-harvests the walnuts for their nocino while they are still green in the mid-summer before they steep them in the fall in vodka, spices and citrus. Cardinal Spirits made and sold their first batch of nocino back in 2016, but haven’t had it in stock since 2019 due to frost killing the walnuts early in the season.

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