Carmel Winery Expands Premium Line with 2 Reds

Israel’s largest and leading winery, Carmel Winery, is expanding its premium wine brand - Carmel Signature with two new red varietals just in time for Passover.

The Carmel Signature fine wines were launched two years ago with great success as the luxury wine brand of Carmel Winery, and includes four series: Vats, Single Vineyards, and two iconic wines, Carmel Mediterranean and Limited Edition.

The new Volcano series is comprised of fine wines from the best vineyards of the winery’s unique and rich terroir.

According to Etti Edri, Export Manager at Carmel Winery, “The Carmel brand introduces new selections of wines to its Signature series, along with a prestigious and up-to-date new look. These two new wines, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot, are both grown in an Upper Galilee vineyard rich in volcanic soil, hence the name Volcano. These are the wines worth waiting for, to celebrate memorable occasions and milestones. And, both are a perfect complement to the upcoming Passover holiday.”

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