Casa Don Ramón Joins Breast Cancer Fight

Casa Don Ramón released a limited-edition silver tequila in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. A portion of all sales of this bottle will be donated to nonprofit organizations supporting breast cancer research.

“Casa Don Ramón is proud to join the fight and support nonprofit organizations this year with the mission of advancing life saving breast cancer research,” says Marketing Director Ernesto Acuña. “By launching this special edition tequila and donating a portion of our sales towards this cause, we hope to expand awareness on annual screenings that help with early detection at a curable stage.”

This exclusive edition of tequila silver features a pink crystalline color and is lavender infused, giving it an enticing flavor that blends notes of cooked agave and citrus fruits for a fresh, sweet profile. As all of Casa Don Ramón’s tequilas, this edition is made of 100% agave.

The limited edition bottle will be available for purchase during October at select retailers in  California, Texas and Florida.

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