Casa Maestri Acquires Bellagrave Infused Tequila

Destiladora del Valle de Tequila, also known as Casa Maestri, one of the largest tequila producers in Mexico, said acquired Bellagave Infused Tequila, a 100% Blue Agave Tequila, infused with all-natural ingredients. The acquisition continues to expand Casa Maestri’s portfolio of high-quality, premium Tequila brands. Terms weren't disclosed.

Bellagave Infused Tequila is currently available in two flavors: Mango-Jalapeño and Coconut.

Casa Maestri sells more than 25 distillery-owned brands through major importers, wholesalers, and chain stores across the U.S. as well as in more than 35 countries.

Jose Coira, vp-sales for Casa Maestri is excited about expanding the company’s portfolio to provide a variety of options for tequila enthusiasts. “It’s a perfect time to innovate,” he explains. “The tequila segment is fast-growing and variations like flavored tequilas are exploding in popularity with consumers. We are looking forward to bringing this 100% natural option to tequila lovers looking for a light, great-tasting beverage.”

“As the most awarded female-owned and operated distillery in Mexico, we are so proud to continue our growth, allowing us to continue to bring jobs and opportunity to our local town of Tequila, Jalisco Mexico,” Coira says. “We’re especially excited as we become known for maintaining a balance of offering traditional, premium quality tequilas, with new emerging options. It’s an excellent time for the tequila industry and our distillery.”

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