Casey Jones Distillery Breaks Ground on $2 Million Expansion

Casey Jones Distillery's $2 million expansion is expected to be completed in 2023.  The new rickhouse will be two stories high and span 7,000 square feet, housing 3,000 barrels of Kentucky Bourbon and Barrel Cuts for aging.  The rickhouse will utilize a pole barn design and  traditional style ricks with the old school style side-bunged barrels.

The new Hopkinsville, Ky., facility will bed right off the main drive into the distillery just to the right on the crest of our front field. It will be highly visible from Witty Lane as a new visual centerpiece for the distillery.  

Phase One of the expansion has already been completed.  A new guesthouse has doubled the footprint of the distillery gift shop and tasting area. The highlight of the renovation is an all new, handmade cedar topped tasting bar in the center of the space which accommodates up to 25 guests at a tasting.

The final phase of the expansion will be the stillhouse, which will add two new industrial stills and related distillation equipment enabling the annual production of 700+ barrels of authentic Kentucky Bourbon.  The heart of production will be a new 1000 gallon hybrid pot still from Specific Mechanical. The new still will produce three barrels of award winning Kentucky bourbon each run. This still will serve as the workhorse for production.

The 200 gallon square pot still – the world's only industrial grade square pot still. Painstakingly modeled after AJ’s own original handmade 140-gallon square pot still – will still be used for Master Distiller's finishing run.   The 200-gallon still can produce 25 gallons of whiskey.