CellarPass Intros DtC Platform for Craft Beverage Producers

Reisch and colleagues worked with Cornell Cooperative Extension to produce enough fruit, and with Cornell enologists to optimize winemaking with the variety – a three-year process. And scientists and industry partners were polled on names, with Aravelle – from the Latin Arabella, which means “grace, favor, answer to prayers” – coming out the winner.

Synergy Commerce offers a comprehensive suite of features that include point of sale, wine club management, loyalty and points, customer relationship management, multiple inventory location management, and eCommerce.

One of the key features of the platform is its iPad and MacOS point of sale system, which offers a range of advanced functionalities such as inventory management, order processing, and real-time reporting. This enables retailers to streamline their sales processes and make informed decisions about their business operations.

Another major feature of the Synergy Commerce platform is its wine club management system. This allows producers and retailers to easily manage wine clubs, customized subscriptions, and customer-preference shipments and allocatoins, while also providing a powerful tool for customer retention and loyalty. The loyalty and points system allows businesses to reward customers for their purchases and incentivize repeat sales.

The customer relationship management capabilities is another essential feature of the Synergy Commerce platform. This enables businesses to keep track of customer data, preferences, visitation and purchasing history, and use this information to create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences. One app, one view of the entire customer interaction, no more integrations, no more logging into one system and another to get a full view your customer’s touch points with your brand.