Cocktails-to-Go Now Permanent in Maine

Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill that permanently allows cocktails-to-go from restaurants and bars in Maine. The state is the 19th in the nation to make the pandemic-era measure permanent.

“We are glad to see Maine join the nearly twenty other states that have made cocktails to-go permanent in support of local restaurants and consumers,” said Andy Deloney, senior vp-head of state public policy at the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. “This popular measure was a critical revenue generator for businesses over the last few years and will continue to provide stability while increasing consumer convenience. We thank the Maine Legislature and Governor Mills for codifying this consumer- and business-friendly measure into law.”

The new law permanently allows certain beverage alcohol licensees to sell beer, wine and approved mixed drinks with a food purchase to go. Mixed drinks must be in sealed containers, appropriately labeled and placed in the trunk or non-passenger compartments of a vehicle.

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