Código 1530 to Release First Estate Harvest Still Strength Blanco Tequila

Código 1530 has just launched a unique Estate Harvest Still Strength Blanco tequila that is undeniably special.  In the tequila industry, less than 1% of tequila brands own the entire process from 'Field to Bottle' and Código 1530 counts itself in that exclusive and authentic group.

Founder and Co-CEO Fede Vaughan waited a full six years to harvest their beautiful Blue Weber Agave plants, until they were perfectly and fully mature with a brix level at its peak. The piñas averaged about 100 pounds each and were used to produce this limited Blanco.

Código 1530's ultra-premium and super smooth tequilas get their distinctly pure flavors from resting in the finest French White Oak Wine Barrels until they are aged to perfection. Fede Vaughan worked with Código 1530's Master Distiller, Wilfrido Ortega, to do something never done before in the fermentation process.

After cooking the estate harvest using juice from the first press, it is then fermented in small batches directly in French Oak wine barrels. The fermented juice is then distilled at Código 1530's dedicated distillery.

"Because we own our own process and have full control over every step of our truly craft tequila, we were able to experiment with some variables in the production process until we created exactly what we set out to accomplish," Vaughan said.

"I wanted this first Estate Harvest to be memorable, therefore, we decided to make it a higher ABV. This still strength blanco is distilled to 45% ABV or 90 proof. The result is an absolute stand out. The flavor is pure and unmatched. There is nothing else like it on the market as it speaks to the art of real tequila making that has been perfected over many generations."