Control States On-Premise Spirits Volume Up 11%, Dollar Sales Up 17% in 2022

Vodka, Tequila, Domestic Whiskey and Cordials all enjoyed double-digit percentage growth in 2022, powering on-premise spirits volume up 11.2% and dollar sales up 17.1% and resulting in a 5.9% price/mix, the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association reports. The increase in the average retail selling price of the products was 5.3%. The only category showing a decline was Brandy/Cognac, which eased 0.1%.

The Off-Premise & Combined channel 9L spirits volume decreased 2.3% with the Dollar volume also decreasing 0.3% resulting in a positive 2% price mix. The one penny increase in the average RSP (retail selling price) of the products was 0.1%.

The decline in the Off-Premise & Combined channel for both 9L spirits volume and dollars was largely driven by the 16.4% 9L volume decline of the Brandy/Cognac category. Cognac (35% share of the category) at -28.6% was the leading factor of the decline. Vodka (32% of total spirits) was -3.4% in 9L volume.