Coors Light Offers Chance to Win Free Laundry Services

The idea is to get more people chilling at bars this football season instead of doing unchill things like laundry.  That's why Coors Light is teaming up with Tide Cleaners to give football fans across the U.S. a chance to win free laundry services from Tide Cleaners, Coors Light merchandise and Tide product bundles during college football season through Nov. 4.

“Saturdays should be spent at the bar, cheering on your favorite college football team, but unfortunately Saturdays are also the most popular day of the week for chores and laundry,” says April Roberts, associate marketing manager for Coors Light. “We want to make sure football fans can spend more time chilling with an ice-cold Coors Light and less time folding shirts.”

Coors Light and Tide will kick off the program this weekend at bars in Chicago, Cincinnati and Denver, where the first 75 fans can bring their dirty clothes to be washed, folded and delivered back to their homes, courtesy of Tide Cleaners. More details on participating locations and restrictions are online.  Clever.

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