Coors Light to Pay Local Drinkers to Promote Chill Harder Logo

Coors Light will pay more than 5,000 drinkers to do its local advertising, whether it's carving the Chill Harder logo into a pumpkin, drawing it on the back of a coaster, or painting it on your beloved tractor and then posting it on Instagram or Twitter tagging @CoorsLight with #ChillHarder and #Contest.* The bigger the logo, the bigger the potential payout.

  • For small entries (6–30 inches) 5,000 people could earn $10.
  • For medium entries (50–90 inches), 100 fans could get $500.
  • To qualify for the title, billboard and $50,000, show your serious skills by crafting a logo that spans 100 inches to 20 feet. Visit, to learn more.

Only one person will be paid $50,000 and named the first-ever Chill Harder Champ for creating the largest and most creative Chill Harder logo – with their work featured on a billboard in their hometown.

"We know times are tough for everyone, we want to put our money into the hands of real Coors Light fans," said Marcelo Pascoa, VP- Marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. "Chill Harder is all about working for your chill, and we want to reward our fans who put in the work. The Chill Harder Champ will get a big payout and become a hometown hero with their work displayed on a billboard in their community."

The bigger, bolder, and more creative, the better. Coors Light will invest in the winner's local community by featuring them on the local billboard.

Chill Harder is a spin on the Made to Chill campaign that's built to connect with its passionate fans in small towns across America. Coors Light recognizes that the way some fans chill is by getting their hands dirty. They put in hard work for greater moments of chill. So, in celebration of National American Beer Day, Coors Light wants to invest in these fans who Chill Harder instead of using its marketing budget for traditional advertising.

To show how the Chill Harder logo comes to life, Coors Light partnered with rural influencers, photographers, woodworkers, and outdoor enthusiasts to create examples of the Chill Harder logo. You can see their work featured on, and on @coorslight on Instagram & Twitter.

Entries can be submitted through 12/10/2022. The Chill Harder Champ will be chosen based on a variety of factors, such as size of their Chill Harder logo, creativity, permanence and relevance to the program.

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Jamie Larson