Crafthouse Cocktails Launches 2 Classics

Crafthouse Cocktails, the ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail brand co-founded by world-champion bartender, Charles Joly, and trailblazing bar owner/restaurateur, Matt Lindner, launched of two new highballs: Gin & Tonic and Vodka Soda. They join the brand’s award-winning roster of cocktails that use small-batch craft spirits in place of malt base, all-natural ingredients and zero excess sugar, in addition to eco-conscious, recyclable packaging.

The Gin + Tonic features a premium custom gin distilled by a craft producer in Chicago according to Charles Joly’s specifications. Originally created for Crafthouse’s Southside cocktail, it’s a classic, London Dry style gin with a balance of 4 traditional botanicals: juniper, coriander, cardamom and lemon peel. They use real, whole spices and peels each time the gin is distilled, not flavor extracts. This process is more labor and time intensive, and therefore more costly.

The vodka soda uses premium vodka, perfectly carbonated seltzer water and a squeeze of real lemon juice for a simple and refreshing serve.

The Gin & Tonic is 10% ABV and the Vodka Soda is 7.5% ABV. They are currently available in Colorado, New York, Wisconsin and California at select retailers and on Reservebar and Crafthouse Cocktails’ website shipping to 19 states. SRP: $5.99 per single can (375ml).

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