Creador Intros 2nd Release, Expands Market with Genisus Liquids

Creador Agave Spirits, renowned for its unparalleled agave distillates, is introducing its second release of destilado de 100% agave. Each of the six new expressions is milled by hand, clay pot fermented and distilled by maestro palenquero José Alberto Pablo in San Bernardo Mixtepec, Oaxaca. Creador is committed to the work of the mezcaleros, and guided by principles of humility, respect, collaboration, craft, and transparency. “Our first and second releases of destilado are produced in Oaxaca by maestro palenquero José Alberto Pablo,” says Marcus Piña, founder of Creador Agave Spirits. “We seek out independent family producers who have little to no representation outside of their local markets – producers who want to make a transition to full-time production of destilado and need help getting their agave spirits to market. We import this ancestral style destilado and bottle it in Texas for discerning agave lovers around the country.”Creador Agave Spirits offer ancestral-style agave spirits top-shelf clay pot distilled 100% agave spirits distilled in Oaxaca that honor the work of mezcal makers. The results are deliciously round, robust, unique, and approachable, and the entire process is natural without the use of additives. Each expression is limited in quantity. Creador bottle labels are handmade from agave paper in Oaxaca, which results in one-of-a-kind labels that showcase unique artwork by painter Camille Woods. The second release of Creador Agave Spirits is made using traditional methods. Each small-batch expression started by cooking agave piñas in an underground river rock-lined stone oven for five days, mashing the cooked piñas by hand with mallets in a hollowed tree trunk, then fermenting in half-buried 90-liter clay pots, and distilling twice in 60-liter clay pots. The resulting agave spirits are brought to proof (approximately 48% alcohol by volume, or 96 proof) by mixing the heads, tails, and body of the distillate. The entire process is natural and no additives are used. The second release includes:

  • Espadín Capón — This spirit is produced by cutting the quiote when it is jutting skyward from the center of the agave to retain the natural sugar in the plant. The result is destilado with distinct and delicious characteristics. Agave angustifolia was cultivated in the Sola de Vega region of Oaxaca and took 8-10 years to reach maturity. It has fragrant aromas of cotton candy, hickory, red fruit, plum, cherry and a soft palate of that is slightly sweet with wet clay, oatmeal, and grilled asparagus flavors. This is José Alberto’s first-ever batch of espadín capón, and is a medal winner 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  • Lumbre — The agave lumbre used for this spirit is cultivated in San Bernardo Mixtepec in the Zimatlán region of Oaxaca at an elevation of approximately 1651 meters. Agave lumbre takes 8-10 years to reach maturity. This 600-liter release combines two productions from May and August 2021. On the nose, it has ripe apple, stone fruit, baby’s breath with delicate, leathery sweet flavors of dried fruit, and a hint of tobacco. Lumbre is the signature destilado by José Alberto’s, and is a medal winner 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  • Mexicano — In San Bernardo Mixtepec and surrounding areas agave rhodacantha grows wild and is also cultivated. Low and broad, with thinner pencas than the angustifolia, mexicano takes 10-12 years to reach maturity at an elevation of approximately 1651 meters. Cultivated and harvested in nearby Zimatlán de Alvarez, this mexicano is peppery with a dry and refined finish. It is earthy with herbal, cucumber, honey, wet grass scents with warm flavors of chocolate, cooked tropical fruit, and cinnamon.
  • Lumbre + Espadín Ensamble — Two agaves are mixed 50/50 to highlight the characteristics of each one. The agaves are harvested and then cooked together in el horno for 3-5 days. They are milled together by hand, and fermented and distilled together, making them a blend from the start of the process until the finish. Both agaves were cultivated in San Bernardo Mixtepec. This 600-liter release combines two productions from March and May 2022. Each production produced 440 and 420 liters respectively. It has sweet citrus, clay, and black pepper aromas and a soft palate of red berries with a slightly viscous mouthfeel.
  • Tobalá Descansado — The agave potatorum used to make tobalá was harvested in Santa Ana Tlapacoyan, and took 12-14 years to reach maturity. Originally 340 liters were distilled in 2019, and 50 liters were set aside and rested (descansado) in glass for 4 years before being bottled and released for production. Resting in a neutral vessel such as glass allows the flavors and characteristics of the destilado to develop over time, resulting in round and very approachable agave spirits. Tobalá Descansado has aromas of fresh dates, caramel, and cognac with soft and delicate flavors of apple cider, rawhide, and cinnamon. This is an exclusive 50-liter batch bottled for Mezcaleria Tobalá in Austin, Texas.
  • Jabalí — Agave convallis used to make Jabalí is harvested wild near Sola De Vega in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca. Producing this spirit is challenging and these first batches produced are certainly worth it. The piñas have a lower yield compared to higher-yield agaves. During fermentation and distillation, the bagasso produces a lot of foam, which needs to be monitored and removed. What makes this batch special is not only that it is made from 100% agave convallis, but these are also José Alberto’s first batches, and the results are soft, full, and rich. It has inviting scents of candied yams, pumpkin, and butternut squash, and a soft, sweet, and savory palate brimming with baking spices and cantaloupe. It is a medal winner 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

 “My destilado is made with all the love and dedication it needs for it to be of unmatched quality,” says maestro palenquero José Alberto Pablo.

It's available off premise and on in Texas as well as online. SRP: $99. 99 to $1 79.99.

In a related development, Creador Agave Spirits said it expanded its market presence through Genesis Liquids.

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