Daviess County Bourbon Partners with Ducks Unlimited for 3 Years

The partnership results in the entire family of Daviess County Bourbon variants as Proud Partner of Ducks Unlimited – the highest partnership designation offered by the organization. The partnership officially commences in January 2023.

As Proud Partner, the Daviess County Bourbon brand family will soon feature a DU logo on all variant labels and other trade marketing materials, potentially to include in-store displays. The partnership also provides opportunities to engage in awareness-building programs through DU and Daviess County communications channels.

Launched in partnership between Lux Row Distillers (makers of Daviess County Bourbon) and DU 2021, Daviess County Double Barrel Bourbon proudly featured the DU logo, which will now be found on all Daviess County Bourbon variants. Additionally, DU supported the partnership through an ad in Ducks Unlimited Magazine, editorial support in other DU media channels and a series of DU premier events. DU plans a similar level of support to the entire Daviess County Bourbon brand family throughout the partnership period, including sponsorship opportunities for Daviess County Bourbon at the DU National Convention.

"Aligning the entire Daviess County Bourbon brand family with DU and its members and supporters was a logical next step, following our successful partnership when launching Daviess County Double Barrel Bourbon in 2021," said Eric Winter, whiskey brand manager at Luxco. "DU members, along with other outdoor enthusiasts, have shown their appreciation for, and enjoyment of, premium bourbon. We are excited to expand our association with them by including the Proud Partner message on all Daviess County Bourbon bottles and packaging. Additionally, we look forward to finding other ways to connect with these groups as a Proud Partner over the next three years and potentially beyond."

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