Destilería Serrallés Inc. Introduces Don Q Naranja

Destilería Serrallés Inc., the producer of Don Q, Puerto Rico's No. 1 rum, released Don Q Naranja. It's a flavored rum, aged in American White Oak barrels for up to 18 months with natural orange essence and flavor.

Don Q Naranja (MSRP $14.99; 750 ml) is the fifth expression of the brand's flavor portfolio, joining Don Q Coco, Don Q Piña, Don Q Limón and Don Q Pasión. The flavor portfolio is inspired by the fresh, tropical fruits from Puerto Rico.

Naranja's bright citrus notes and alluring sweetness make it ideal for virtually any cocktail requiring a hint of orange with the tropical, premium taste of Don Q Rum. Mix Naranja with fresh juices or other citrus-focused liqueurs for a refreshing highball or low-ABV cocktail, including a Don Q Orange Spritz or the Don Q Mule.

"We've been creating exceptional, dynamic rums for nearly 160 years, and Don Q Naranja is a vibrant example of how we craft our aged rums and infuse with all natural ingredients to create an unparalleled flavored expression," says Silvia Santiago, Maestra Ronera.

"Flavored spirits and low-ABV drink options are on the rise and Don Q Naranja is the perfect embodiment of both, providing more options to those that want to imbibe responsibly," added Destilería Serrallés Chief Marketing Officer, Gabriella Ripepi.

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