Deutsch in JV to Rep Cantera Negra Tequila in U.S.

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits entered into a joint venture with Two Sons Imports, LLC, owner of Cantera Negra Tequila, effective Nov. 28, 2022. According to terms of the deal, Deutsch Family is acquiring a partial ownership stake in Cantera Negra to become the exclusive global sales and marketing partner.

Cantera Negra ("Black Quarry" in Spanish) is already a rapidly growing tequila in the United States, with distribution in 28 states. More than 40 years ago, Don Alberto Becherano began perfecting a proprietary method for making some of the best-tasting tequilas in the world. Many years later, the Becherano family sold the Cantera Negra trademark to Two Sons Imports.

"We are extremely excited to be adding Cantera Negra to our portfolio," said Peter Deutsch, CEO of Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. "Our partnership with Two Sons is the culmination of a 4-year search for the right tequila brand and the right partners. Cantera Negra represents a critical addition to our 5-year strategy to help us scale our luxury spirits business by providing consumers with an exceptional quality tequila option to choose instead of more mass-produced offerings."

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