Distiller Redesigns Mobile App

Distiller Inc., a spirits review and recommendation platform, has redesigned its app to feature a number of user-requested features, including user-generated flavor profiles and advanced search filters. Distiller Pro subscribers gain access to additional features such as a bottle barcode scanner and flavor search.

The app's reimagined search feature sits front-and-center on an all-new homepage, allowing users to easily search by spirit name, style, or country, then filter the results to find the exact bottle they're looking for. Distiller Pro subscribers can even search and filter by flavor profile, unlocking a new level of discovery.

In a continued focus on the Distiller community, browsing now features the most popular user-reviewed spirits at the top. Enhanced user reviews include the option to add photos and flavor tags, which update the spirit's displayed flavor profile. An updated feed presents a combination of people you follow and the most popular reviews in the system. User lists can now be accessed from the homepage and updated from any spirits page.

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