Domaine Bousquet Adds Malbec Nouveau to Gaia Range

Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s largest producer and exporter of wines made exclusively from certified organic fruit, has added a Malbec Nouveau 2021 (SRP $20) to its mid-range Gaia line. Made using the carbonic maceration technique traditionally associated with Beaujolais Nouveau, Gaia Nouveau Malbec is otherwise a stylistically bolder, more structured, New World-style wine. The new limited-edition offering debuts in six U.S. markets: California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington State.

Carbonic maceration is the technique of fermenting whole bunches of grapes. Grape clusters are blanketed with CO2 and fermentation starts naturally without the addition of yeast. After 15 days or so, grapes are gently pressed, and the low-alcohol juice is vinified using conventional methods. Vinifying Malbec via carbonic maceration has become increasingly popular in Argentina as it yields particularly satisfying results due to the grape's tannins.

"Combine Malbec with carbonic maceration and the result is highly appealing -- a wine that is both serious and fun -- approachable fruit with tannic structure. Add to that, our Gaia is made with certified organic fruit, which clinches the deal, we think!” said Anne Bousque,  Domaine Bousquet CEO.