Dos Equis Kicks Off College Football Season with the Dos Equis CFB Tailgate Throwdown

Dos Equis, along with a panel of college football icons, want to know what your dream tailgate would be. A 6-foot-tall fondue fountain? A TV in every corner, so you don't miss a moment of the pre-game? A hype man to get your real ones psyched for the game? Your favorite band blasting the iconic fight songs of your team? Or a massive food truck serving up all your favorite pre-game grub?

Finalists in the Dos Equis CFB Tailgate Throwdown will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the panel of expert judges and will be paired with a college football icon to help refine and elevate their tailgate vision. In October, the public will have a chance to vote for the most epic idea from their favorite finalist.

One winner will get to see their dream setup come to life this November at a Dos Equis college football partner game and surprise their real ones with an epic tailgate experience. Plus, Dos Equis will be awarding additional prizes and rewards for real ones all over to enjoy this college football season.

"There's no denying the enthusiasm that Dos Equis fans show for college football, and we want to make their gameday experience even more special," said Jonnie Cahill, Chief Marketing Officer at Heineken USA. "So, this year we are focusing on everyone's favorite event, the tailgate, and rewarding our fans by giving them everything they need to deliver the ultimate tailgate for their friends."

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