Dr. Zero Zero launches AmarNo, the Non-Alc version of Amaro

AmarNo was created by master "Amarologists" in Trieste, Italy, with extracts of sage, wormwood, Chinese rhubarb, quassia and orange, traditionally considered to stimulate smooth digestion and enhance energy level.

More and more people throughout the United States are choosing to drink Non-Alcoholic versions of traditional distillates.  According to data by Nielsen, Non- Alcoholic beverage business has increased 33% over the past year. The change also appears to be generational, with Millennials and Zoomers drinking less alcohol than Boomers and Gen X did at the same age.

The introduction of AmarNo also follows the recent success of the Amaro bitter in the US beverage industry. It is an ideal complementary component to creative cocktails, without adding alcohol.

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