Dragones 1st Tequila to Rest in Mizunara Casks

Mizunara, a rare oak native to Japan is traditionally used for aging Japanese whiskies but Tequila Casa Dragones unveils its 4th expression, Casa Dragones Reposado Mizunara ($169.99 MSRP), the first tequila rested exclusively in Mizunara.  

Casa Dragones imported their first Japanese casks in 2018, with the goal of exploring how this rare wood would complement the signature notes of Casa Dragones.

Scarcer than European and American Oak, Japanese Oak typically yields only half as much timber as other oaks. Characterized by their twisting trunks and branches, these ancient trees can grow up to 200 years before they are harvested and then handcrafted into the highest quality casks in Japan. After resting in this rare wood, Casa Dragones Reposado Mizunara delivers subtle notes of magnolia and orange blossom on the nose, with hints of butterscotch and oak on the palate, and a long warm finish of coffee bean and mellow spice.