Duncan Taylor Scotch Unveils Port Ellen 1983

The Port Ellen 40-year-old single malt whisky from March 16, 1983. Available globally, this limited release of 209 bottles comes from cask number 667, one of the last batches of Port Ellen production – mere weeks before the distillery closed its doors for the last time in May of the same year.

As worldwide demand for smoky and peated malts has surged, Port Ellen, a cult whisky among collectors, has become one of the rarest, most iconic and sought after whiskies
around the globe. Founded by Alexander Kerr Mackay in 1825 on Islay’s southern coast, Port
Ellen was named after the nearby town and became an innovator in the whisky industry with great success exporting to the United States.

Impacted by Prohibition, the distillery initially fell silent in 1930 for 37 years. It was then resurrected in 1967 due to the demand for peated whisky when it expanded from two to four stills. However, Distillers Company Limited, who owned Port Ellen from 1925, closed its doors in 1983.

Port Ellen will be launched on Sept. 30 in London and will be available in the U.S.

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