Ehrlich Family Releases Its First Vintage

After 25 years as premium winegrape growers, the Ehrlich family is releasing the inaugural vintage of their own Cabernet Sauvignon under the Ehrlich Vineyard label, produced entirely from select lots of estate grown fruit under the watchful care of consulting winemaker Paul Hobbs.

“The release of the 2021 Ehrlich Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is the culmination of a dream my parents, Cliff and Patricia, had almost 50 years ago when they first visited and fell in love with the Napa Valley,” said Susan Ehrlich, General Manager and 2nd generation grower. “We’ve been tending the family vineyard for twenty-five years, learning its nuances and unlocking its potential. With this knowledge and experience, my parents, my brothers and I decided the time is right to produce a wine under the family name.”

The 2021 Ehrlich Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is a limited release wine with only 250 cases produced and a suggested retail price of $110. While most of the wine will be sold direct-to-consumer, the wines will be found in select fine wine shops and restaurants.

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