Evermore Cannabis, Union Craft Brewing Unveil a Groundbreaking Infused Seltzer

Evermore Cannabis Co., a pioneer in innovative cannabis products, and Union Craft Brewing, a leader in craft brewing, are set to launch Tall, a first-of-its-kind, Maryland-made, THC-infused seltzer.

Each can of Tall is designed to provide a sugar free, zero-calorie option for individuals seeking a healthy, smoke-free, or alcohol-free lifestyle without sacrificing the joy of social indulgence. This innovative beverage promises a unique drinking experience by infusing the effects of cannabis-derived THC into a delicious and refreshing pure sparkling water.

"There is a kindred connection between craft beer and cannabis and Union has long wanted to collaborate on that idea.", said Union CEO, Adam Benesch.

Developed with the consumer experience at the forefront, Tall is designed to deliver the effects of THC more reliably, consistently, and predictably than many other edible products on the market today. The "Elevated Seltzer" will debut this summer in two exciting flavor experiences; the uplifting pop of Yuzu Blood Orange and the juicy burst of Dark Berry. Available exclusively at licensed Maryland dispensaries, Tall invites consumers of all types and experience levels to try a new, guilt-free way to elevate their day, heighten their night, and stretch their relaxation.

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