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NYT/Siena Poll Is Latest to Show Republican Gains

We have the result of our third New York Times/Siena College national survey of the midterm cycle to go with your coffee this morning: 49 percent of voters say they back the Republican congressional candidate in their district, compared with 45 percent backing the Democratic one. (New York Times)

GOP keeps lead for House control, Democrats' momentum stalls amid economy worries — CBS News Battleground Tracker poll

For two months the Democrats chipped away at the Republicans' lead in the battle for House control, helped by motivated abortion-rights voters and what turned out to be fleeting glimmers of optimism about the economy. But that momentum has stalled, at least for now, and the Republicans' House lead has stabilized today at 224 seats to the Democrats' 211. The Republicans' lead had shrunk in the two previous model runs of September and August.

What's behind this? Today's views of the economy have gotten worse amid continuing inflation, a volatile stock market and — in a stark reversal from August — people are reporting gas prices are rising in their neighborhoods. And voters are feeling this personally: more now say their own financial situation is bad, and there's more concern about saving and paying for things, compared to last month. (CBS News)

In Fight for Congress, a Surprising Battleground Emerges: New York

After a haywire redistricting process, New York has more congressional battlegrounds than nearly any other state. Even the Democratic campaign chairman is locked in a dead heat. (New York Times)

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