Flor de Caña named Best Sustainable Rum Distillery

Flor de Caña, the world's first spirit to be both Carbon Neutral and Fair Trade certified, was recently named "Best Sustainable Rum Distillery" by The Ultimate Awards, a competition that seeks to recognize companies leading the industry in terms of sustainable practices and committed to a greener future.

Flor de Caña's carbon neutral certification by Carbon Trust (UK) means the company offsets all carbon emissions during the entire lifecycle of its products, from field to market. On the other hand, the fair trade certification by Fair Trade USA ensures consumers the rum is produced sustainably and ethically in compliance with over 300 rigorous labor, social and environmental standards.

Some of the brand's eco-friendly practices include capturing and recycling all CO2 emissions during the fermentation process, distilling the rum with 100% renewable energy and planting one million trees since 2005.

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