Flybird Cocktails Extends Line with RtD Fiesta Shots

Flybird Fiesta Shots (SRP: $13.99) are, a new single-serve format from Flybird Cocktails sold in packs of four. Made in Mexico from 100% Blue Weber Agave wine and all-natural fruit flavors, the premium freezer-friendly shots are packaged in 2-ounce reusable double shot glasses and contain 20% ABV.

Available in four unique flavors including: Lime & Roasted Jalapeño, Passion Fruit & Tajín, Piña & Papaya, and Strawberry & Guava, Flybird Fiesta Shots make history as the first-ever agave wine-based product to be packaged and marketed in a shot-based format.

“As the ready-to-serve wine-based cocktail category evolves, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation. Flybird Fiesta Shots are a great example of the next evolution of our 120-year-old family company,” said Donny Sebastiani, Proprietor, Don Sebastiani & Sons. “Flybird is all about bringing happy hour home. For parties, favors, tailgates, and beyond, Flybird Fiesta Shots offers a delicious new fiesta-friendly shot format to share and enjoy an authentic Flybird experience.”

With sales up 42% in the last 13 weeks*, Flybird continues to win over consumers with its flagship Baja Lime and Strawberry Margaritas, as well as with new and innovative product entries like Flybird Fiesta Shots and Flybird Spicy Tamarind Mangonada, which launched in last year. Most recently, Flybird was recognized as an Impact Hot Prospect Award recipient for the second year running, an industry honor that recognizes up-and-coming brands poised to become household names in the years ahead.

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