From On-Demand Delivery to Finding the Best Drinks, Drizly Changes Direction

Drizly is shifting its purpose from delivering bev/al to a consumer's doorstep in 60 minutes or less to making it easier to providing a new "guided shopping experience, providing recommendations based on any recipient's interest or tastes, occasion-based shopping, and personalized e-cards for gift giving."

It's getting into direct-to-consumer retailing, too, giving consumers "the ability to shop from retailers both local and across the country on web and app, accessing an even deeper selection and broadening the ability to send the gift of Drizly to friends and family, near and far."

And it's expanding its bartending offering to 10 new markets via its Corporate Concierge and White Glove services, as well as premium wine gift sets.  

Naturally, this change requires advertising.  So, Drizly is launching a packing of new 30- and 15-second TV spots in the coming weeks on national cable and streaming programs.  The spots will highlight how Drizly helps consumers savor life's moments with the right drinks.  It's also reimagining the brand identity, and introducing a new look for "Molly," the Drizly bear, which will now be found delivering on a bike and relaxing in a bath with drinks.

"This is more than just a brand refresh or new visuals. Our heightened focus on the importance of life's moments - big and small - is a belief shared with our customers," says Liz Paquette, Drizly's Senior Brand Director. "Our recent survey** found that 41% of consumers cited 'enjoying life' as one of the things they value most, coming in only after 'family.' Through this new direction and purpose, we are conveying just how seriously we take our role in helping our customers savor life's moments."

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