Full Glass Wine Acquires Wine Insiders

Full Glass Wine Co. said it acquired Wine Insiders from DRINKS, a pioneering and leading operating system for alcohol e-commerce. Terms weren't disclosed.

Acquisition of Wine Insiders marks the second DTC wine brand purchased by Full Glass Wine Co., founded earlier this year by alcohol industry veteran Louis Amoroso and entrepreneur Neha Kumar, following its purchase of the DTC operating assets of wine and lifestyle brand Winc.com from AMASS Brands Group. Full Glass is actively exploring acquiring other DTC wine companies en route to building a multi-brand online wine marketplace.

"Acquiring market leaders Wine Insiders and Winc.com demonstrates our belief in, and passion for, online wine brands dedicated to providing superior experiences and value for customers," said Louis Amoroso, Co-founder and CEO of Full Glass Wine Co. "Full Glass's mission is to empower beloved DTC wine brands to capitalize on DTC alcohol sales growth to reshape the DTC landscape and deliver unmatched value to online wine shoppers through rich, streamlined experiences supported by operational excellence."

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