Dickel Intros Social Hour Bourbon Smash

George Dickel joins with Social Hour, a line of craft canned cocktails, to introduce Social Hour Bourbon Smash. It's available at select retail locations in the New York metro area.  SRP: $28 for a four-pack.  

Social Hour Bourbon Smash is made with Dickel Bourbon that's been aged eight years and is a mint julep meets a whisky sour. Boasting notes of tart meyer lemon and muddled mint, the cocktail can be enjoyed with friends and is best served over ice in a glass garnished with a mint sprig, lemon wheel, peach slice or strawberries.

"We couldn't have asked for a better first step into the canned cocktail space than through our partnership with Social Hour. Our first release was a fall-flavored spin on the Whiskey Sour, and with the Bourbon Smash, we're putting a new, summer twist on the classic cocktail," said Nicole Austin, General Manager and Distiller at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. "I couldn't be more excited for whisky fans to enjoy the refreshing taste of the Bourbon Smash. To make that perfect summer cocktail, you need an approachable and balanced bourbon that's able to work well in a cocktail – and that's Dickel Bourbon."

"With our first collaboration being so well received, it only made sense for our next craft cocktail to continue to lean into seasonality," said Tom Macy, Co-Founder and CEO at Social Hour Cocktails. "The Bourbon Smash is hands down my favorite whiskey-based warm weather cocktail. Now you can enjoy one by simply pouring over and adding a fresh garnish like a mint sprig or peach slice."


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