Gin 'Designed to Represent the Underrepresented'

Iconic artist Hebru Brantley and spirits veteran Peter Ibrahim have teamed up to create a product that proudly represents the minority community. The Old G, a premium, London Dry Gin crafted using traditional methods and without any artificial flavors or colors, announced its debut. Expertly distilled using only the finest botanicals, The Old G is said to be exceptionally smooth and crafted in limited quantities to ensure exceptional quality and a flawlessly enjoyable drinking experience with every pour.

"We're thrilled to announce the launch of The Old G. It was our goal to create a Gin that stands deliciously on its own, without the need for any modifiers or mixers to enhance its exceptional taste – and that's exactly what we did here," said Peter Ibrahim, Head of Brand and Founder of The Old G. "We also wanted to create a product that gives a voice to underrepresented communities. As an Egyptian teaming up with a prominent Black artist, it was crucial to build a brand that reflects our upbringing, struggles, and our perseverance in this industry.

"The design of the bottle comes from the minimalistic idea of stripping the unnecessary and intentionally focusing on simplicity. The minimalism is also a way of having the product stand on its own – where the bottle, logo and overall design does not take away from the spirit itself," said Hebru Brantley, Head of Creative for The Old G.

The Old G is now available for purchase in 750ML bottles for $34.99 in Florida, Georgia, California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey, and additional states soon.

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