Glenturrett's $100,000 Decanter

For the first time, James Turrell, an American artist famed for working with light and space, has worked on a whisky decanter.  The result was presented at the Lalique Art Gallery in Burlington Arcade, London, May 16.  

Only 80 of the "Eight Decades" decanter, which was created to celebrate Turrell's 80th year, are available worldwide.  Including The Glenturret whisky inside, the Lalique decanter is offered at approximately $100,000.  

The whisky inside is drawn from eight casks, ranging from 1987 through to 1998, each representing a different facet of the eight decades of James Turrell’s life, his character and vocation. The resulting whisky is Glenturret Whisky Maker Bob Delgaerno’s interpretation of art in a liquid form: aromas of dark dried fruit, chocolate orange, ginger cake, red berries, fresh apples, and softer oak.  On the palate, gentle wood spices, rich fruit cake laced with treacle and honeycomb balanced with burnished oak provide a long, mellow finish.

John Laurie, Managing Director, The Glenturret said, “It is a proud moment for us to be working with James Turrell -- a lot of hard work and emotions have gone into designing and creating this decanter. The Eight Decades decanter encapsulates The Glenturret’s very essence: an understated aesthetic, crafted by many talented hands who are all custodians of the skills required to create such a beautiful decanter and liquid.  The design of Eight Decades is a departure from more traditional whisky bottles and a homage to the artist as it commemorates his 80th birthday – we feel it is a piece of art just as much as it is a whisky decanter holding a delicious liquid.”

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