Hard Rock Cocktails, Seltzers Launched

Hard Rock International (HRI) announces the launch of Hard Rock 10% ABV Grab ’n’ Go Cocktails, joining spirit-based Classic Hard Rock Cocktails and Hard Rock Hard Seltzers.

Tony Gaines, CEO of Stewart’s Enterprise Holdings, Inc., which produces, markets, and sells Hard Rock 10% ABV Grab ’n’ Go Cocktails. says: “Per Nielsen’s July ‘category winner’ reporting, malternatives are +47.8%, with FMBs up 19.7%.  We had anticipated both trends and are delighted to launch our Grab ’n’ Go Cocktails in time for Labor Day, adding to our range of products that allows Hard Rock fans to celebrate anywhere, anytime, particularly as these new entrants are geared to the convenience sector.”

The 19.2-ounce cans are filled to the rim with Hard Rock-inspired flavors, including their classic Hurricane and the ever-popular Long Island Iced Tea. Each 10% ABV, single serve, gluten-free 19.2-ounce can bears a suggested retail price of $2.99. The Hard Rock 10% ABV Grab ’n’ Go Cocktails are available for order now; early accounts include 7- Eleven, Yesway, and GPM Investments, LLC.

Kimberly Manna, the SVP-Retail and Licensing for Hard Rock International, says: “The introduction of our Grab ’n’ Go Cocktails, joining our Classic Cocktails and Hard Seltzers, offer our fan base another opportunity to experience Hard Rock’s expanding spirit-based ready to drink options.”

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