Hard Truth Distilling, Mellencamp Whiskey in Partnership

Hard Truth Distilling Co., an award-winning whiskey distillery in Nashville, Brown County, Ind., announced a new Sweet Mash Rye whiskey project in collaboration with Mellencamp Whiskey Co.

The new partnership will include a four-part, limited collectors series of Hard Truth's award-winning Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey to be released in the spring and fall. The first release called Harvest Sweet Mash Rye will be officially launched at the Hard Truth Distillery on September 9 during a special kickoff event. Harvest Sweet Mash Rye will then be on sale immediately at the distillery and subsequently rolled out nationally to select retailers around the country from September through December.

Each release will feature a unique whiskey expression hand selected and married by Hard Truth's Master Distiller Bryan Smith, with Hud Mellencamp and Levi Collison from the Mellencamp Whiskey Co. Each bottle in the collectors series will feature original artwork by John Mellencamp.

Harvest Sweet Mash Rye will feature a new, yet to be released mash bill from Hard Truth utilizing 100% grains grown by the distiller's farmer partners, all located within the state of Indiana, not far from their Brown County distillery grounds.

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